IQtek Solutions, #IQdigitalchange on TechDay2018, Dominican Republica.

The Digital Transformation process consists not only in the use and integration of new technologies in the day-to-day work of the company, but also in adopting new business models and business structure. In fact, a real studyby Accenture predicts that Digital Transformation in Companies will increase the GDP of the top 10 global economies by 1.25 trillion euros.

Tech Day Dominican Republic will bring the latest trends in this process and will also bethe framework that will present the results of the regional security surveyconducted by IT NOW magazine, collecting information from the CSOs and CIOs of Central American companies. In addition, Tom Cochran, former White House digital leader and experto in digital transformation, will expose the challenges he had to overcome and his experience in his work during Barack Obama’s administration.

In the startup competition space will be released the history of the following three companies: Armandor Mendoza, Co-Founder of Blipevolution; Pavel Pichardo, CEO of Madison; and Piero Núñez del Risco, Founder of me Suma. Likewise, the event will be loaded with new themes, interesting and necessary to continue the digital revolution.

IQtek will be ready to publicize #IQdigitalchange its platform that combines services and consulting to facilitate the digital transformation of the different industries of the country.

About TechDay2018
Tech Day is the meeting point for IT professionals in all Central American and Caribbean countries, along with leading Information Technology companies worldwide. Edition after edition we witness how this event serves as a platform for the most important announcements, innovations and trends that will set the tone in the IT Market in the years to come.