Adding value to your business

Digital transformation is an unstoppable process, accelerated by digital native companies that are incorporated into the market and that offer to facilitate the relationship with their customers, to guide excellence in the levels of satisfaction.

Native Digital Companies

Multiple Industries

Competitive Advantages

Innovation Acceleration

Competitive Technology Architecture

IQTEK has designed a model that evaluates maturity in the digitization of organizations in different industries to provide in each case, in a personalized way and according to specific needs, the strategy that these must follow to make technology a competitive advantage, where technological architecture becomes a digital transformation platform associated with innovation accelerators, such as the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies need to have reliable data in real time, through advanced technology that is part of the planned IoT infrastructure, to improve their productivity and competitive advantages. What we know as a digital journey means being able to improve the planning, prediction, and simulation of what the future brings, focusing on where the potential value is maximum.

IQ digital change is an intelligent transformation platform that combines specialized technology services with personalized advice so that any organization has exponential growth.

From IQ digital change we provide comprehensive cutting-edge technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation,Digital Platform , Digital Sales .All this, on a methodological framework that allows to accelerate each process of transformation and disruption.


IQ digital change by IQtek has an alliance with OpenExo, a global transformation ecosystem, founded by Salim Ismail (co-author of Exponential Organizations) and Francisco Palao (co-author of Exponential) Transformation to offer a corporate transformation with a specficimodel specific


A one-day in-company event in which executives of any organization will learn about external disruptions that are transforming their industry and receive basic training on the processes and tools needed to transform their company


A 10-week process that generates a mindset change in the company’s executive and manager team (blocking the immune system’s response to innovative projects) forming between 12 and 24 people from the company to become experts in innovation and disruption. The process ends with the development of projects that will transform the organization completely to adapt it to external disruption in the industry. It has been successfully applied in companies around the world (Visa, HP, Black and Decker, etc.) and of all sizes.

On Demand

On-demand access, to experts worldwide in different areas (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 3D Printing, Drones, etc.), innovation and disruption industriesand techniques to face the challenges your business is facing.