Ingram Micro has awarded IQtek as a standard of good practice in developing new business opportunities.

“Business trends and IT solutions right now revolve around digital transformation, IoT, Cybersecurity and Data Center, applied to the peculiarities of each industry. The recognition of Ingram Micro to IQtek comes to strengthen our operations in the region”, explains Roberto Rodríguez, CEO of IQtek..

IQtek, a company with presence in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Puerto Rico, is very much in line with Imgran Micro’s vision through the creation of its clusters in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, of the need to drive operations with an international vision, through a broad portfolio of solutions and services. “Opportunities are growing, so we are offering not only technological solutions but a comprehensive strategic consultancy to build exponential organizations capable of being efficient in the face of the speed and impact of new processes.”

NetApp, the manufacturer of U.S. storage systems, recognized IQtek in its 2018 annual Latin America awards for its contribution to digital transforme through innovation in technology services. The award given in the framework of the Americas Partner Awards, valued the good results of IQtek in the fiscal year 2018, the conquest of new customers and its participation in regional activities to promote innovation. “It is a great honor for us to have this recognition that positions us in Central America and the Caribbean. We hope that NetApp will continue to support our work, in order to facilitate the companies its digital transformation processes”, Roberto Rodríguez, CEO of IQtek. The technology company Oracle, also awarded at the Caribbean Summit, the work of its partner in the Dominican Republic, IQtek, for its tax results in 2018, which according to these, are justified in its scope and its wide portfolio. “We focus on delivering scalable technology that lowers costs and increases business agility,” Rodriguez said.

As part of IQtek holistic approach to facilitating the digital transformation of companies, in September it has launched IQ digital change, a platform to facilitate the customer’s digital journey, within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where companies need to have reliable data in real time, through advanced technology that is part of the planned IoT infrastructure.

IQ digital change provides cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Omnichannel, Digital Sales, Personal and Business Finance Management, limited in a methodological framework that accelerates disruption processes, and that has been built in partnership with ExO Lever, a global transformation ecosystem, founded by Salim Ismail and Francisco Palau, which has a working model that includes an in-house workshop on processes and tools to transform a company, a ten-week follow-up process to generate a change in the mindset of the executive and manager team, training teams experts in innovation and the option to include expert recommendations worldwide, to be able to face the challenges of each organization.