Innovations in areas such as network quality

Innovations in areas such as network quality, performance, 5G, IoT, and fraud detection solutions mark a space in mobile communication, the people and their needs. A robust infrastructure for all countries of the world, as well as solutions to detect network fraud are key in the process.

Network quality

Fraud detection

Roaming system

Network performance

Customer experience

We have the most complete suite of customer experience on the market to automate the different journeys of your customers in the marketing, sales, services, and social media processes.


Today we must provide the customer with the information of products and services faster as possible, and ensure their responses, through the website and/or social networks.

The incorporation of texts, photos and videos in an easy and intuitive way through any digital channel, without having to contact the Contact Center service, increases the positive user experience. We provide modern technologies with robust Knowledge Base tools that allows both customers and service agents to have the right information for troubleshooting.

Digital Marketing

We offer innovative solutions that allow today’s marketers to know the digital profile of their customers, orchestrate different multichannel interaction actions in the execution of digital campaigns scheduled for each segment.

Powerful analytical tools allow you to analyze in real time the results of campaign executions, while allowing you to manage personalized content for each customer and provide the next best action in order to provide a personalized marketing experience.

Chat Bots

Today, the virtual assistants can understand what the user usually says through natural language capabilities, that is, programs designed to assign certain meanings to spoken or written words. At IQtek, as part of our offer, we have Artificial Intelligence technologies that allow us to develop enterprise chat bots’ solutions.

From advanced natural language applications whose algorithms recognize the intention to search for information on any digital channel, to provide faster and more accurately appropriate response to the required information or to refer to a Chatbot requests for information that in real time its customers may have of their products, services and / or processes in an omnichannel way (Web, Mobile, social networks) without having to use a service agent. Likewise, implement more advanced dialog models in which a virtual agent meets the general and transactional information needs of its customers such as the consultation of balance, product requests, complaints, transfers, payments, among others allowing to manage if required, hybrid scheme of assistance with agents of your contact center and the virtual agent.

Conversational IVR

Today, technology is required to enable the interaction of voice communication naturally when using the customer’s IVR attention optionis, technology that are able to understand complex menu trees and options available to be able to sustain the conversation with the customer without the need for a service agent.

At IQtek we have the leading technology in IVR conversational which use behind AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that allows you to listen, understand and answer customer calls providing an improved experience of the traditional attention channel.

Among its maincharacteristic properties are:

  • The capabilities of an advanced dialogue engine that allows to structure contextual and natural dialogues.
  • Text to speech technologies.
  • Fully integrated, easy to use, to be implemented in Multichannel applications.
  • Feedback tools that will allow learning optimization.
  • Analytical tools for real-time visualization of defined KPIs.

Voice Biometrics and Authentication

We represent leading and innovative companies in digital authentication which allows to incorporate into the processes facial and voice biometrics authentication for the use of digital and/or telephone channels, allowing to streamline the process of digital Onboarding to different services and secure person identity.

We also provide “Mobile Tokens” solutions, which allow the generation of a single password for the realization of financial transactions and add double factor of security the citizens transactions without the needs of physical equipment.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Disruption means that large financial firms seek to be at the forefront of the tools and innovations provided by technology, so they have set their sights on process automation (RPA) to reduce costs and make processes more efficient.

Financial institutions around the world begin to use this technology to create “bots” that allow processing: non-priority customer service cases, loans, documentation and information for compliance with regulations, fraud requests, supplier invoice records, support for new product origination processes, and reporting automation.

Most companies look at time-saving robotization; robots are faster, and, cost-saving on staff. At IQtek, we develop bots that have capabilities to interact with rules that allow to automate processes and interact with any system.

The cognitive abilities that equip these robots and expertise are generated through software that uses Machine Learning.

In addition, IQtek offers analytical tools that allow to monitor the efficiency of automated processes.

Analytical Solutions

We have the most complete suite of cloud analytics products on the market, allowing us to offer functionalities ranging from data-friendly visualization and manipulation, to the use of Big Data tools for structured and unstructured data analysis, which allow governance institutions to analyze configured business indicators quickly and from any device.