Better shopping and experiences

User experiences through automation, delivery and predictability technologies mark a new space for possibilities. The digitization of commercial spaces,the use of measurements of the flow of people in the stores, the heat map and time of stay to generate opportunities that improve the user experience, are caused a paradigm shift to ensure the sustainable growth of the brands towards omnichannel, unifying the offline world with the online and providing advanced analytics that enables the continuous improvement of consumer experiences and business performance.

Automation Technologies

Digitalization of Commercial Spaces

People Flow Measurements

Continuous Improvement Consumer Experiences

Omnichannel Digital Commerce

We provide the next generation of Omnichannel Digital Commerce allowing to create experiences of enriching customers that can start and continue through various channels (Social Networks, Web, Mobile, In-Store). This suite of products permite to users in a friendly way to be able to carry out searches and navigation of products assisted, management of eye-catching product catalogs, recommendation of products according to the customer’s profile handling personalized promotions, transactional emails, allows users to share a product of the store through various social networks, preconfigured layouts and tools to design the experience of their customers, among other powerful functionalities.

In-Store Shopping Assistants

The solution allows In-Store Shopping Assistants, being able to help customers through an application to be used in an iPad allows you to view the customer’s purchase history, their shopping cart, product recommendations, to allow you to select and perform the purchasing processes directly from the application.

Loyalty Systems

We provide modern Loyalty solutions that allow companies to manage all the processes of their loyalty programs from enrolment, personalized promotions, scores, benefit eligibility to the process of redeeming profits from their customers, creating personalized programs allowing them to attract and retain their customers.

Loyalty program managers will now be able to visualize transactions made by their members by enabling them to improve the benefits and experiences required by their customers.

Augmented Reality

We have state-of-the-art solutions that allow us to create innovative projects with augmented reality technology, which allows their customers to use their cell phone and/or a tablet provided by commerce to find the specific location of therequired product, receive product information, as well as receive information from promotions specially created for their customers while touring the store. The shops have analytical tools that allow them to visualize the journey of their customers, as well as the products consumed.

Chatbots / AI

Today, the virtual assistants can understand what the user usually says through natural language capabilities, that is, programs designed to assign certain meanings to spoken or written words. At IQtek, as part of our offer, we have Artificial Intelligence technologies that allow us to develop enterprise chat bots’ solutions.

From advanced natural language applications whose algorithms recognize the intention to search for information on any digital channel, to provide faster and more accurately appropriate response to the required information or to refer to a Chatbot requests for information that in real time its customers may have of their products, services and / or processes in an omnichannel way (Web, Mobile, social networks) without having to use a service agent. Likewise, implement more advanced dialog models in which a virtual agent meets the general and transactional information needs of its customers such as the consultation of balance, product requests, complaints, transfers, payments, among others allowing to manage if required, hybrid scheme of assistance with agents of your  contact center and the virtual agent.

Solutions for Services Monetization

One of the main trends of the Retail sector is the development of new services whose fundamental modality is the payment of the goods for the “Use” this will require technologies that allow to monetize these services allowing retail and/or consumption companies to have a dynamic biller that allows to manage multiple possibilities pricing of these services.


Today we must provide the customer with the information of products and services faster as possible, and ensure their responses, through the website and/or social networks.

The incorporation of texts, photos and videos in an easy and intuitive way through any digital channel, without having to contact the Contact Center service, increases the positive user experience. We provide modern technologies with robust Knowledge Base tools that allows both customers and service agents to have the right information for troubleshooting.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

These innovative technologies will allow us to take over repetitive operations that are time-consuming and thus become your digital workforce.

These Bots have the capabilities to interact with rules that allow you to automate the prosyand interact with anysystem. Cognitive capabilities can be implemented to empower these software robots using Machine learning for semi-structured processes that need a decision-making.

In addition, analytical tools are offered to monitor the efficiency of automated processes.

Analytical Solutions

We have the most complete suite of cloud analytics products on the market, allowing us to offer functionalities ranging from data-friendly visualization and manipulation, to the use of Big Data tools for structured and unstructured data analysis, which allow governance institutions to analyze configured business indicators quickly and from any device.

Talent Management Solutions

We offer a complete suite for modern management of the human talent of companies, with cloud solutions that allow to plot the objectives of each employee and measure the impact of each employee vs the strategic objectives of the company, perform performance evaluation manage career plans, provide eLearning tools for capacitation of internal collaborators, all through a modern interface with access via desktop, tablet or cellular.

Digital Marketing

Powerful analytical tools allow you to analyze in real time the results of campaign executions, while allowing you to manage personalized content for each customer and provide the next best action in order to provide a personalized marketing experience.

Customer Experience

We provide the most innovative technologies of the Internet of Things which allow companies of Mass Consumption to have advanced solutions that allow interaction with their end customers, using innovative smart Packaging solutions, temperature sensors for refrigerated products, among other novel technologies.

Internet of Things

We provide the most innovative technologies of the Internet of Things which allow companies of Mass Consumption to have an advanced solution that allow an interaction with their end customers, using innovative smart packaging solutions, temperature sensors for refrigerated products, among other novel technologies.