Let's stop thinking in terms of product

Big Data, Telematics, the Internet of Things and Blockchain have made us stop thinking in terms of product and start to meet the needs of different digital insurance ecosystems, such as mobility, education, housing, health,public services, B2B services and marketplaces, among others.

A fundamental change, where talking about technology and innovation without incorporating the business, is part of the past. To meet the needs of the different digital ecosystems of insurance.

Digital Platform Experience

We provide leading solutions of Digital Platform Experience that will allow to accelerate the digital transformation of your company, in its different lines of business: Health Insurance, Life, Automotive and real estate; helping them enable a unique platform that allows them to provide highly customizable service experiences through the Web/Apps/Kiosks, among others.

No more silos between multiple applications and service channels (Customer Portal, Apps) we will now be able to provide tools that empower users, the ability to design their customers’ digital experiences from a single platform.

These technologies will allow us to position relevant marketing content both on the web or mobile and in this way to be able to offer products and services really customized to each segment of its customers.

Digital Sales

The development of schemes in favor of customer experience is the great challenge of digital transformation in the insurance industry. At IQtek, we are committed to help customer in the ‘digital onboarding’ processes ( like policies activation, opening, welcome), and the use of innovative technology to enhance the digital sale of financial products “Origination”.

Our solutions are to intuitively bring the user, through an omnichannel platform, to an information placement experience, with dynamic forms that allow to create easy data capture screens, in connection with a smart engine to complete digital sales processes.

Chat Bots

Today, the virtual assistants can understand what the user usually says through natural language capabilities , that is, programs designed to assign certain meanings to spoken or written words. At IQtek, as part of our offer, we have Artificial Intelligence technologies that allow us to develop enterprise chat bots’ solutions.

Advanced natural language applications whose algorithms recognize the intention to search for information on any digital channel, to provide faster and more accurate responses to the required information, and/or refer Chatbot requests for information that in real time its customers may have of their products, services and / or processes in an omnichannel way (Web, Mobile, social networks) without having to use a service agent.  Likewise, implement more advanced dialog models in which a virtual agent meets the general and transactional information needs of its customers such as the consultation of balance, product requests, complaints, transfers, payments, among others allowing to manage if required, hybrid scheme of assistance with agents of your contact center and the virtual agent.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

These innovative technologies will allow us to take over repetitive operations that are time-consuming and thus become your digital workforce.

These Bots have the capabilities to interact with rules that allow you to automate the prosyand interact with anysystem. Cognitive capabilities can be implemented to empower these software robots using Machine learning for semi-structured processes that need a decision-making.

In addition, analytical tools are offered to monitor the efficiency of automated processes.

Smart Quoters

We have technologies that allow us to integrate with their web/mobile portals to provide solutions that increase the customer experience of the insurance market, these novel technologies allowus to deploy interactions type “wizard” to lead the user to the selection of more convenient answers and in this way apply eligibility rules and product options available according to the needs of each client, leading to a modern quote process and with a superior user experience.

Self Service

Today we must provide the customer with information about products and services with as few clicks as possible, and ensure their responses, through the website and/or social networks.

The incorporation of texts, photos and videos in an easy and intuitive way through any digital channel, without having to contact the Contact Center service, increases the positive user experience. We provide modern technologies with robust Knowledge Base tools that allows both customers and service agents to have the right information for troubleshooting.

Digital Marketing

We offer innovative solutions that allow today’s marketers to know the digital profile of their customers, orchestrate different multichannel interaction actions in the execution of digital campaigns scheduled for each segment.

Powerful analytical tools allow you to analyze in real time the results of campaign executions, while allowing you to manage personalized content for each customer and provide the next best action in order to provide a personalized marketing experience.

Financial Process Automation

We offer the most complete ERP suite in the cloud, which will increase the operational efficiencies required by insurance companies, to modernize their administrative and financial processes, all through a modern interface, available from any device (Desktop, Tablet and /or cellular) creating a friendly, easy-to-use working environment with operational best practices incorporated in the processes of purchasing, inventory, treasury, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and accounting.