Modernization is a priority

Additive manufacturing processes for creating tridimensi onal objectsfrom a digital archive are becoming more frequent in an ever-changing industry. As digital technology and innovations like the Internet of Things influence and transform the way we do business, the needfor modernization becomes a priority.

User satisfaction depends on how the administration provides online information about its services.

Additive Manufacturing



International expansion

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

These innovative technologies will allow us to take over repetitive operations that are time-consuming and thus become your digital workforce.

These Bots have the capabilities to interact with rules that allow you to automate the prosyand interact with anysystem. Cognitive capabilities can be implemented to empower these software robots using Machine learning for semi-structured processes that need a decision-making.

In addition, analytical tools are offered to monitor the efficiency of automated processes.

Chat Bots

Today, the virtual assistants can understand what the user usually says through natural language capabilities, that is, programs designed to assign certain meanings to spoken or written words. At IQtek, as part of our offer, we have Artificial Intelligence technologies that allow us to develop enterprise chat bots’ solutions.

From advanced natural language applications whose algorithms recognize the intention to search for information on any digital channel, to provide faster and more accurately appropriate response to the required information or to refer to a Chatbot requests for information that in real time its customers may have of their products, services and / or processes in an omnichannel way (Web, Mobile, social networks) without having to use a service agent. Likewise, implement more advanced dialog models in which a virtual agent meets the general and transactional information needs of its customers such as transactional information to manage if required, hybrid scheme of assistance with agents of your contact center and the virtual agent.

Digital Platform Experience

We provide leading solutions of Digital Platform Experience that will allow to accelerate the digital transformation of your company, helping to enable a unique platform that allows to provide highly customizable service experiences through the Web/Apps/Kiosks, among others.

No more silos between multiple applications and service channels (Customer Portal, Apps) we will now be able to provide tools that empower users, the ability to design their customers’ digital experiences from a single platform.

These technologies will allow us to position relevant marketing content both on the web or mobile and in this way to be able to offer products and services really customized to each segment of its customers.

Financial Processes Automation

We offer the most complete ERP suite in the cloud, which will increase the operational efficiencies required by smarter hospitals, to modernize their administrative and financial processes, all through a modern interface, available from any device (Desktop, Tablet and /or cellular) creating a friendly, easy-to-use working environment with operational best practices incorporated in the processes of purchasing, inventory, treasury, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and accounting.

IoT Industrial

We provide the most innovative technologies of the Internet of Things which allow companies of Mass Consumption to have advanced solutions that allow interaction with their end customers, using innovative smart Packaging solutions, temperature sensors for refrigerated products, among other novel technologies.

Energy Automation

We have leading technology that allows us to efficient the energy consumption of industrial machinery, achieving savings significative in electricity consumption while improving the performance of machinery engines.

Plant Automation (SCADA)

We provide leading technology in plant automation, managing to optimize manufacturing processes through the monitoring and control of all production components, operators can visualize automated industrial processes in real time.

Analytical Solutions

We have the most complete suite of cloud analytics products on the market, allowing us to offer functionalities ranging from data-friendly visualization and manipulation, to the use of Big Data tools for structured and unstructured data analysis, which allow governance institutions to analyze configured business indicators quickly and from any device.