Technology can accompany apprentice processand from initial to higher level

The Regional Director of Applications and Integral Solutions of IQtek, a technology consulting firm, assured that digital transformation for an innovation in education materials in the country.

Francisco Polanco noted that technology can accompany the learning process from the initial to the top level, as a knowledge tool. “The integration of technology is a challenge in the field of education to improve our competitiveness and is motivated by digital transformation in the world’s economies,” explained the expert who participated in the XXII International Congress of Education I learn 2018, under the theme “Digital Culture, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Education”..

The specialist is convinced that the combination of artificial intelligence with new technologies contributes to the change of the workforce in the coming years. “Artificial intelligence is going to demand new professional profiles in the companies of the future. That’s why at IQtek, from the “human centricity”, or what is the same putting the person at the center, we help with our platform IQ digital change, to simplify this process, offering consulting in the field of technology”, said Polanco.

The engineer considered that artificial intelligence and robotics optimize decision-making, improve production, management, communication, marketing and automation processes; in addition to generating a network of contacts and getting big ideas. “Different industries must be prepared to capture the talent of these new professionals who know and use these technologies, within the framework of this great Fourth Industrial Revolution.”