Digital Transformation seeks models that help enhance companies in the Dominican market

Arizona, US – Cloud storage solutions grow in Central America and the Caribbean, according to NetApp, the manufacturer of U.S. storage systems, which points out that the industries with the greatest advancement are banking, tourism, telecommunications and retail, among others. According to the multinational, in the case of the Dominican Republic, digital transformation needs the efforts of the public sector, the private sector and academic entities.

Technologies such as digitization and artificial intelligence open prospects for unprecedented growth and innovation, in this sense, the international company, recognized the Dominican IQtek in its annual awards for Latin America, for its contribution with the transformation of digital through innovation in technological services with the use of the Internet of Things (IoT ) and the Omnichannelity in the user experience. The award given under the Americas Partner Awards is a step to highlight the benefits of using technology in business productivity.

“IQtek has gone beyond supporting our clients in digital transformation, they have been advisors to that change,” explained Jeff McCullough, Vice President of ChannelIzationatNetApp.

As a technology consultant, IQtek has also stood out for its good results in the fiscal year 2018, the conquest of new clients and its participation in regional activities to promote innovation in products and services. “It is a great honor for us to have this recognition that positions us in Central America and the Caribbean. We hope that NetApp will continue to support our work, in order to facilitate companies their digital transformation processes”, Roberto Rodríguez, CEO of IQtek..

The2018 America Partner Awards were announced during the NetApp Channel Connect Conference, an event where specialists in the service technology sector in the Americas, gathered to hear a little more about NetApp’s strategic vision.

About IQtek
A Dominican technology consulting company based in Puerto Rico, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador that seeks to guide the different industries to make their digital transformation processes efficient. Your customers and partners use theovations to improve their services and products.

About NetApp
An enterprise that provides a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplifies application and data management in cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digital transformation. Together with their partners, they help global organizations make the most of the full potential of their data.