Cisco has introduced several security tools aimed at protecting email and workers from malware attacks that hijack computers and phishing, spoofing and crypto mining.

Thus, it has decided to update the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection solution for cloud-based terminals cloud with mechanisms that allow you to detect and stop cyberthreats, including file less threats residing in memory, unpatched vulnerabilities and encrypted, and ransomware. This would be possible even with disconnected users.

This solution also gains in threat research with Cisco Visibility, which provides a visual representation of the scope of the problem from terminals to the network and cloud. What it does is combine the intelligence of Cisco Talos, Cisco Umbrella, Threat grid, AMP and third-party with internal data and alerts that are held about incidents.

On the other hand, Cisco has announced an agreement with Agari that involves the commercialization of Email Security services such as Cisco Domain Protection and Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection.

Collaboration with ConnectWise has also been extended so that a managed services provider offers Cisco solutions. This includes the ConnectWise Advanced Security Dashboard platform as an add-on to the ConnectWise Unite with Cisco portal.

With all these new developments on the table, Jeff Reed, senior vice president of Product. Of Cisco’s Security division, says that “protecting employees and their terminals requires more than an antivirus” and that, “through advanced cloud-based security solutions cloud and strengthening collaboration agreements, we promote better worker protection including identity manipulation attacks on email.”