“Webex” stands for “meeting”. The real-time meeting solution, which manages more than 6 billion minutes in meetings each month, evolves again. In line with workers’ demands. Facilitating the collaboration of thecompanies and the realization of daily tasks.

Cisco has announced the convergence of Cisco Spark and Cisco Webex platforms. The result is a new meeting application (Webex Meetings) and a new team collaboration application called Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark). Cisco’s award-winning video devices are also added to this new converged platform. In addition to a new hardware device that turns any space with a TV into a Webex meeting room. Everything is easier to buy. And the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is reinforced, which will greatly optimize and transform meetings.

Webex completely renovated
The new Webex Meetings solution prioritizes video, encouraging usersto use thecamera. Seeing and being seen is critical to good teamwork. Users will not only see the presentation, but all the colleagues. In sharp planes. Regardless of whether the connection is made from the laptop, a Cisco video device, or the mobile phone.

And because it is cloud-based, WebEx’s 100 million users on a global scale will not have to do anything. They will simply receive the update in the coming months.

New release and designation of Cisco Spark
Today’s business challenges are becoming more complex. It is urgent to help teams connect for the best job results. The new version allows Webex users to take the next step toward team collaboration.

The goal is to make Cisco Spark the simplest and most secure team collaboration tool on the market. The new version of Cisco Spark announced today is called Webex Teams. Now, when companies want toevolve into team collaboration, they can do so with the Webex brand they already know. Simply add the Teams extension to start benefiting from an always-on team collaboration.

The new version integrates all the technological function through the applications. Users will be able to enjoy the rich functionality of Webex Meetings in Webex Teams, and a common experience in all formats. Webex Teams provides a much more complete suite of tools, including whiteboard, constant messaging, easy guest access, content sharing, and built-in tools, helping teams collaborate both during and after meetings.

This new name also exceeds Cisco’s award-winning devices. For example, the Cisco Spark Board becomes the Webex Board. Because Webex meetings are even better when users join from one of Cisco’s video devices.

New device that converts any space with a TV into a Webex room. Webex Share allows teams to share content on the room screen. Economically and very simply. Simply plug the adapter – which fits in the palm of your hand – on the back of the TV. Pair with the system and start sharing the document on the screen. When finished, you can save the work in the Webex Teams space. In addition, with Webex Share, teams can easily book rooms, know which ones have already been booked, and more. Webex Share will be available for Webex Meetings and Teams by the end of the year.

Support for tools from Google, Microsoft and other companies. Users should have freedom of choice. From the tool you think. For example, with the new Webex they can use Webex for meetings and Microsoft for team collaboration. And it will also extend to Google, Slack and other tools, facilitating the ability to choose customers.