The dual goal of improving quality and efficiency

Today, businesses can’t afford a minute of inactivity. Outages cause lost productivity and customers, and have a negative impact on revenue. Even, in the long run, about the reputation and brand value of the company.

Business continuity management services reduce the number of unexpected outages and improve resilience, with low capital investment.

Introducing to Spot by NetApp

Going beyond cloud analytics and recommendations, Spot by NetApp automates and optimizes your cloud infrastructure in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud to deliver SLA-backed availability and performance at the lowest possible cost.

Spot gives operations teams optimization and automation technology that helps them ensure performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs. Give your cloud workloads the the benefits of best-in-class operations.

More information in Spot by NetApp.

Agile, resilient and flexible infrastructure

Digital Transformation Acceleration

Scalable and secure cloud service

Decreased risk

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

BaaS connects your systems to an externally managed hybrid cloud.


We offer a complete storage services solution cost efficiently and securely.

Development Environments

IQCloud presents the user with a secure, flexible, and scalable environment for developing cloud applications.


It allows you to move your telephony infrastructure to the cloud, reducing costs and increasing performance.